What's in Your Mug: Maroon Bells Blend

The Maroon Bells Peaks are a pair of 14er summits outside of Aspen, CO.

(note: 14er means a peak that is at least 14,000 ft. above sea level)

Chances are pretty good that you've seen pictures of the Maroon Bells, even if you didn't know it. They are one of the most photographed peaks in Colorado. And, with good reason, they are a gripping sight to see.

Red pinnacles jut out from bright green alpine forests above Maroon Lake. Often, layers of bright white snow enhance the geological wonder of these peaks.

Throughout our many years in Colorado, we have climbed them often. And just as often, we are struck by how uniquely, starkly red, bold and beautiful they are.

When we created a blend combining raspberries with bright red hibiscus, you can imaging the color of the tea. So unique. Unlike any blend we had then created. And the truth is, not only the color, but the idea of those wild alpine raspberries just spoke to us.

"The Maroon Bells" the blend whispers. And so we whispered back... "red, bold and beautiful." 

Shannon Ullmann