Frequently Asked Questions

What’s it like to be a farmer-entrepreneur?

Honest. Believe it our not, I’m asked this a lot! I’m passionate about home-grown. I’m passionate about sharing the beauty of nature with others. It’s a win-win!

Where can I buy them?

Online and at one of these awesome retailers.

Want to shop locally but your favorite spot does carry our tea? Tell them you want it. Then, tell us and we'll make it happen!

Does your tea have caffeine?

No. We do not use the plant Camellia sinensisor tea. Our herbal tea is technically a tisane or infusion. The herbs we grow and blend do not contain caffeine.

Why don't you call it a tisane or infusion?

Recognition. We find that the term herbal tea is more ubiquitous; understood by most tea-drinkers. While the terms tisanes or infusions also accurately describe our product, they are simply less recognized. 

Why don't you have blends that contain actual tea plants?

Climate. The plant Camellia sinensisor tea, is used to make traditional teas including black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea and darjeeling tea. The plant is native to asia, and thrives in tropical and sub-tropical regions.  While we love this beverage, too, it simply doesn't grow sustainably in Colorado. We strive to reduce our environmental impact by carefully selecting ingredients that thrive in Colorado's very unique climate.

Are you certified organic?

Not yet! We value organic farming and food production practices. We are in the process of obtaining our organic certification.

What makes your tea sweet?

Stevia leaf. We include dried leaves from an herb called Stevia rebaudiana in our blends. Stevia has been used for over 1,500 years throughout the world as a sweetener. It is becoming popular in the US as a zero-calorie sugar substitute in concentrated powder or liquid extract form. As a dried leaf, used in proper proportions, the plant adds subtle, but not overpowering sweetness to the tea. It partners with the other flavors in each blend to bring a great depth to each combination.

Why are your blends sweet?

Wellness. Most tea drinkers add sweeteners to their tea. This may include honey, sugar or other artificial or natural sweeteners. To best serve our customers, we offer blends with leaf stevia to minimize the need to add sweeteners. In so doing, we hope to reduce customer sugar intake and contribute to their overall positive health. This is one of our core values.

If I don't like the taste of processed stevia will I like your tea?

Give it a try. While many people identify a bitter aspect to stevia's flavor, their experience is typically with concentrated Rebaudioside A (Reb-A) extract. In its leaf form, the stevia's bitter flavor is not as sharp. Some taste-testers with an aversion to processed stevia find that they love the taste of our blends. They note that they limit the steep time to the recommended 5-10 minutes. In so doing, they hit the blend's "sweet spot" and enjoy a wonderful flavor experience.

Can you drink them as iced tea?

Yes! We encourage creativity. Our teas are well suited to offer cool, refreshing flavors on warm summer days. As well as calm, relaxing warmth on chilly winter nights. They taste perfect just about everywhere in between, too! 

Why are they named after places in Colorado?

Inspiration. Those places inspire us.  So do these blends. We hope that both inspire you as well.