Our Story

Good food doesn’t have to be complicated. Our staple ingredients: hard work and a whole lotta’ love. The rest is simple. Grow it, blend it and then, relax and enjoy it. A job done well is its own reward.

I consulted as an environmental engineer for 10 years. After my two daughters were born, I started looking for a lifestyle change that would allow more time with my family. I also yearned for a chance to develop my passions: creating healthy, yummy food, contributing to the health of the environment and sharing my love of homegrown herbal tea. 

In 2015, my family bought our farm at the base of Colorado’s West Elk mountains. That’s when we started growing and blending herbal teas. 

Elevation Mountain-Grown Herbal Teas are a celebration of local farmers, great taste, positive health and the inspiring state from which they come. 

I hope you are also inspired as you drink it in.

-Shannon Ullmann, Founder of ElevationMountain Grown Herbal Teas