If you ever get a chance to go to #hotchkisscolorado, I suggest you stop over at @elevationherbaltea and give their barn a good sniffing... #bestsmellingbarnStand amazed at what this family built #byhand #together. Shannon and her Husband Craig are outstanding, kind and make a heck of a good tea.



It is the perfect evening to enjoy some Elevation Herbal Tea!

Snow falling ❄️❄️...
Supper done...
Good book waiting...
Favorite worn shirt...

This is Maroon Bells, a classic Colorado blend, but then they ALL are! :)

Have you tried Elevation Tea yet? What is your favorite blend?



Kenny and I just had our first cup of Grizzly Creek Blend-non stevia. It is so delicious and calming with it’s blend of chamomile, pear and mint! We are so proud of our niece, Shannon and her family!



Oh yum 😍



My little splurge at Berg Harvest yesterday...worth every penny! I'm so happy for Shannon and this amazing fulfillment of all her dreams and hard work.



You might have a tea problem when…



ready for my tea tour!



Enjoying a hot cup of @elevationherbaltea on this cold Tuesday. Work is a bit sweeter thanks to my friend



oh no! my second box of tea is empty! i’ll be going to Wintle & Co tomorrow. It’s delicious and it’s actually down to a cool 73-degrees this morning!



About to enjoy some amazing tea from an amazing little store! I can not wait to try every flavor!

-Laura Sue


thought you would like to see where I last had some Elevation Tea this weekend.



I was so excited to get this just in time for a needed afternoon pick-me-up. I’m convinced this tea could get me through even the Mondayest of Mondays!



I loved the Filoha meadows blend. You can smell the strawberry as you bring your cup up for a sip...beautiful combo with the lavender. I also like that the stevia adds a sweetness so I don't need honey, but it doesn't overwhelm.



Totally enjoying my lavender, lemon, strawberry this morning! Thanks for the awesome gift!



A little treat after finishing homework.