What Makes Us Unique

Our family is passionate about our tea. You’ll taste our high standards with every sip. Each delicious blend is our gift to those who drink it.

Local Everything.

Our farm is in Hotchkiss, Colorado, in the Gunnison River’s North Fork Valley. At the base of the West Elk Mountains, this valley is known for beautiful and productive orchards and vineyards. That’s where all of the ingredients for our herbal teas are grown. We grow where we play!



Simply Delish.

Just herbs and fruit. That’s it. The result? Your taste buds will tell you: simple is good. 



We Heart Organic.

We think green is beautiful. Our values and farming practices show it. Everything we put in is pure and wholesome, so that everything that comes out is too. Just ask our bees. Look for our bona fide organic certificate soon!



Be Well and Be Happy.

We want you to be healthy. We are proud to offer you a product that will positively impact your health. Healthy and happy taste great together.