Creating Our Tea

Creating goodness takes time and it happens step by step.


Step 1: Grow It

All of those ingredients,they’re Colorado-climate friendly.

Yarrow, lavender, peppermint, strawberries.

Every ingredient listed on the back of every box of tea is planted, watered and grown with care.

Right here.

On our farm or neighborhood farms in Colorado’s North Fork Valley.

IMG_1417 - Copy.JPG

Step 2: Make It Thrive

We heart pollinators.

Those tart raspberries, the sweet strawberries, that immuno-echinacea... all thrive with the help of our honey bees.

They love on our ingredients...we love on them.

It's a win-win.


Step 3: Harvest It

Yup. Hand-picked everything.

Have you ever spent a morning harvesting chamomile? Your nose will applaud.

Did you know those giant hibiscus flowers are new every day? It’s true!

Don’t even get us started on that cool spearmint.

Harvesting in our fields is a feast for your senses.

IMG_5980 - Copy.JPG

Step 4: Wash It

All of our ingredients come through the barn (our certified commercial kitchen) for cleaning.

Our washing process is three steps: clean, sanitize, rinse. Clean and pure from start to end.

It's like a little spa. But don't be jealous.

The Fruit:

From here, our fruit ingredients begin a different path.

The Herbs and Flowers:

Their journey continues. Just keep scrolling.


Step 5: Spin It

Spin? Really?

Yes, indeed.

We created this custom herb-spinner. It’s a gentle centrifuge that pulls out bulk water without crushing the delicate leaves.

After a 30-second spin, the herbs are fluffy, dry and clean.

Resist the temptation to roll in the peppermint after this step. Just give it a good sniff instead.


Step 6: Frame It

We’ve designed the drying system too!

The clean herbs are spread over steel mesh screens with wooden frames.

It’s like tucking them in for an afternoon nap.


Step 7: Rack It

This is part 2 of our custom-designed herb drying process.

Cleaned and bedded, the framed herbs are slid into these movable shelf units.

In our drying loft, it is quiet and dark; the airflow is gentle and warm.

It’s the perfect conditions for drying the clean herbs.


Step 8: Store It

Once the herbs are fully dried, we store them in food-grade containers. This seals flavor until a full batch is ready for the next step.

Those labels are nice, but let’s just be honest. A lift of the lid and quick inhale is all it takes to identify the contents.

At this stage, each ingredient is strong and unique. Just the way we like it!


Step 9: Grind It

Full barrel means it’s time to grind!

Our equipment ensures that the ground herbs are the perfect size for bagged tea.

Not too big. Not too small. But, just right.


Step 10: Bag It

This is the most exciting part!


Blended herbs are funneled through our tea bagging machine.

Each filter pouch is tagged, sealed and wrapped in our cool fresh-pouch.

It’s like a warm blanket.


Step 11: Box It

The final step!

We hand pack each of our boxes with the delicious blends that we’ve created.

We are so proud of what we put in those boxes.

We really do hope you enjoy every sip!