Our Ingredients

Harvested with care, gently washed, lovingly blended and hand packed. From our farm to your tea cup.

All of our ingredients are grown on our farm or local orchards at the base of Colorado's West Elk Mountains. We have taken great care in selecting varieties that complement our climate. These ingredients form the basis of herbal tea that is cultivated with care and beauty.  



This herb is both beautiful and tasty. The subtle, licorice flavor adds sweetness to tea and has historically been used as a digestive aide.




The flavor of apple invokes memories of autumn's warmth and abundance.  As part of our teas, we draw in the nutrition from what is considered one of the worlds healthiest fruits.



Apple Mint.

This plant has a fresh, fruity aroma with nuanced apple flavors. They combine with a subdued mint fragrance. As with other mints, it has historically been used to calm stomach discomfort.




These delicate flowers have a lemony-floral scent that make your nose smile. Chamomile tea has renowned calming effects that bring peace to your moment.




The hearty echinacea flower blooms in deep summer and helps boost your immune system during winter's deep cold. It is rich, beautiful and vibrant.



French Tarragon.

This hearty plant is sweet with delicate licorice hints. We grow the french variety on our farm because of the strength of its flavor. 




We grow a hardy variety that thrives in Colorado's climate. Our hibiscus displays the same giant showy red flowers for which it is famous. It adds tart, cranberry flavors and has been used to reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system.  




This is one of our most beloved ingredients. It has a rustic beauty and tolerant vigor. Best of all, the aroma from our purple buds is invitingly calm. 



Lemon Balm.

There is so much to love about this ingredient. Not only does it guide pollinators (our happy honey bees) around our fields, it's aromatic, fresh and lemony. It has been used as an immune booster and digestion aid. We love it!




Our local orchards have perfected growing flavorful pears. Their sweet flavor hints of honey and citrus. Best of all, pears are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that reduce free radicals.    




We love this herb. The scent is familiar, and pairs well with some of our sweet, smooth-flavored ingredients. Inhale, and it will invigorate.



Pineapple Mint.

Similar to apple mint, this ingredient has fruity overtones layered with its mint heritage. Pineapple mint also hints at citrus flavors. In the cultivation fields, it is a beautiful plant. And, like other mints, has been used to calm the tummy.



Pineapple Sage.

This beautiful ingredient is one of our best kept secrets. This variety of the traditional culinary herb is both sweet and fruity. Its scent has a pleasant strength, just like the plant itself. We also love this plant because it attracts pollinators.




An ingredient for tea? Of course. The flavor of this berry is familiar, popular and well-blended. It is a great grower in Colorado. Who can resist the taste of mountain raspberries?



Raspberry Leaf.

The flavor? When dried, raspberry leaves taste and smell a bit like traditional black tea. Its medicinal history? While it's often been used to induce labor, it may actually do so by enhancing muscle tone and strength. It's also packed with iron, potassium and vitamins. So good.




The smell of spearmint is both soothing and invigorating. How does that work? We don't know. But we do know that it's delicious. And, like other mints, it has been used for centuries to address digestive discomfort from baby colic to flatulance.




This plant has been discovered; South America's "Honey Leaf." As an ingredient in our teas, we do not over-process. We keep it simple: Harvest. Wash. Dry. Steep. No stringent aftertaste. We value this ingredient because it enhances the best flavors in all the others. Humble. But very special.   




Locally-grown strawberries have an amazing flavor. A flavor available only in the summer. A flavor that we just had to capture. We preserve that taste for, perhaps, a cold snowy January night. Summer, in your favorite mug. 




This flower is definitive Colorado. It grows wild in the alpine. Its flavor: aromatic, sweet, zesty and pairs well with our sweet fruity ingredients. While it is often used as an immune booster, to treat cold and flu symptoms, or digestive aid, we recommend you consult your doctor about drinking yarrow tea when pregnant.