What's in Your Mug: Ragged Mountain Blend

It’s not that aspen forests aren’t beautiful places any other time of year.

It’s not that a hike through alpine tundra or along rocky ridges aren’t equally moving.

It’s just that… autumn-gold aspen forests… they sparkle.

Like when a sunset touches the ocean and every tiny wave starts to flicker. Or when a sunrise lights up a winter meadow covered in deep snow and every frosty flake refracts the morning rays.

A breeze through an aspen forest in the fall “quakes” the yellow leaves and makes them… sparkle. And when the golden leaves fall all around you, it’s like bright, warm sunlight spots that all decide to float down at once.

Our family? We go to the top of McClure pass. Along a dusty, winding road that leads to the Ragged Mountain trailhead. And there, we roam. In and out of the sunlight dappled by glittering yellow leaves. And on just the right day, Papa shakes a little yellow sapling over our daughters’ heads and they dance in the warm yellow sunlight spots falling all around them. Faces up. Arms high.

Golden aspen forests. They are very special.

So, why the Ragged Mountain Blend?

Maybe it’s the apples: autumn in Colorado.

Or maybe it’s the Lemon Balm, such a bright, fragrant flavor.

Whatever the reason, the bright, apple-lemon blend takes us to autumn afternoons in the golden forests of Ragged Mountain.

Shannon Ullmann