What's in Your Mug: Uncompahgre Blend

It’s a Ute word. If you’re having trouble pronouncing it. This may help:

/ənkəmˈpɑːɡreɪ/ ( listen)

Uncompahgre is a wilderness, peak, river and plateau.

In the heart of summer, 2007, we drove down to the West Fork of the Cimmeron River. We began a week-long trek up to the Uncompahgre plateau where we would stay above 10,000 feet for 7 nights.

Then, the alpine tundra was green. Really green.

And the head-water rivulets of the Uncompahgre River trickled musically around jagged grey rocks.

So many nights at such high elevations left in my mind an imprint of wild, sunny contrasting colors and shadows: green grass, grey angular rock, white translucent water.

It was vivid.

Our Uncompahgre Blend has become one of our most popular. We think we know why. Ruggedness (sweet, sharp yarrow) mixed with vividness (peppermint) and oh so beautifully sweet (pear).

To us, it’s definitive Colorado. High, vivid, cool and sweet.

Shannon Ullmann