What's in Your Mug: Anthracite Creek Blend

Anthracite Creek. Tucked away up a little dirt road known as Kebler Pass is the little trail up Anthracite Creek. The creek and trail meanders along up the valley eventually connecting to Horse Ranch Park at the top of the pass. At times, the creek valley is wide and landscaping. At others, the creek squeezes between sheer narrow rock walls. Our favorite spot to stop and play is in one of these narrow sections. The walls hold the morning's coolness and the earthy smell of nature and water is strong. When we play there, it is always aromatic and peaceful.

For this blend we started with one of the most recognized and aromatic ingredients: Lavender. Such a beloved plant! When it's paired with peppermint, the smell is both peaceful and energizing.

That's why we suggest you breath deep when you drink the Anthracite Creek Blend. The aroma of the lavender and mint is as much a part of the experience as the taste. 

Shannon Ullmann