What's in Your Mug: Avalanche Lake Blend

While there are several ways to get to Avalanche Lake, a favorite is via the creek that also bears that name. Avalanche Creek is a tributary to the little Crystal River. A long journey up this creek will take you through dark timber, wide open hillside meadows and shimmering aspen forests.

And then, you arrive.

The lake is breathtaking. 

The water is bright green and surrounded by steep cliffs. The rock is interjected by alpine tundra and sparse trees.

It was the combination of green vegetation and water at the edge of the cool upper alpine that made us reach for the french tarragon. This herb just speaks green to us. And spearmint... well, who doesn't think of high mountain lakes?

We think this blend deserves a moment to pause and admire because such scenes are often taken in too quickly. Pausing is good. So is this blend.

Shannon Ullmann