What's in Your Mug: Filoha Meadows Blend

Confession: I've always wanted to see fireflies. I'm a Colorado mountain-girl. I'm not complaining, but one thing missing from my childhood was the token "warm-summer-night-catching-fireflies-in-a-jar" experience.

The truth is, there just aren't fireflies in Colorado.

Or so I thought.

When I was very pregnant with my first child, we visited Filoha Meadows. And, for the very first time in my life, I saw a firefly. I was struck by the experience. So, we nicknamed our unborn baby girl "the firefly."

Have you ever been struck by something so rare and yet common to some?

The Northern Lights. Starfish in a tide pool. The Grand Canyon in a blanket of mist.

This is the place from which we created the Filoha Meadows blend. Strawberries and Lavender. Common enough, and yet, combined... it's kinda rare. Kinda beautiful.    

Shannon Ullmann