What's in Your Mug: Grizzly Creek Blend

So, there are some places that are really special.

When my infant was in a carrier, we walked down the Grizzly Creek trail singing songs from The Sound of Music.

When my little one grew bigger, she toddled down the Grizzly Creek trail on her own and threw pebbles in the creek.

When I was prepping for the PE and searched for a place to calm my nerves, I made footprints in the mud along Grizzly Creek.

When I trained for the half iron-man and wanted to run for-ev-ver I stole moments down Grizzly Creek.

When we celebrated my husband's first Father's Day as a bonifide dad, we meandered down Grizzly Creek.

Do you have places like this? Places of respite, solitude, rejuvenation and peace? Places so meaningful they are hard to put into words. This is Grizzly Creek for us.

This blend invites you to settle in. To be restored. To return to peace, cool, comfort and calm.

The Grizzly Creek Blend is our happy place. We sincerely hope that it helps you to find yours too.  

Shannon Ullmann