What's in Your Mug: Landsend Peak Blend

Never heard of Landsend Peak? Neither had we until we moved to the North Fork Valley.

We like to think of this beauty as a sister to its neighbor Mount Lamborn.

And these two peaks are a prominent fixture in our morning and evening views. 

When the summer days are long, we spend our evenings in our back yard. We enjoy the coolness, the views and the sweet sunsets that light up our sister peaks in pink and orange.

Quite simply: summer sunsets mean pink peaks at our house.

Another summer mainstay: strawberries. 

Thus, it seems only fitting that our beautifully balanced strawberry-chamomile blend is named after our favorite summer sunset spot.

Do you have one of these? If not, we suggest walking outside and taking in every sunset for the next week. Too often we take these watercolor gifts of nature for granted, ya know?

Grab a cup of our strawberry-chamomile blend, step onto your porch and bask in the radiant event that happens each day. You won't regret it, we promise!


Shannon Ullmann