What's in Your Mug: Sunlight Peak Blend

Sunlight Peak watches over spots we consider the most hidden of Colorado’s gems.

Spots where we spent summers clearing trees from ski runs. When the days were long. When a chainsaw, bar oil and aspen saplings were our closest companions until sunset.

Spots where we spent frigid winter nights hiking up and up and up. In telemark boots. Through knee-deep snow. When a headlamp lit the only visible world except the stars. When despite the cold, the climbing kept us hot.

Spots where we spent spring afternoons running for miles.

Spots where we sledded until our fingers were numb.

Spots where we laughed around campfires.

No day ever seemed to last so long as they did under the watchful gaze of Sunlight Peak.

The sunsets lingered. Then the sky darkened. But the sunlight, the rich and raw nature, it was never ending.

Sunlight Peak is our reminder of the never ending pull towards the wild out there. Day or night, it begs us to stay, linger, a little longer.

The blend with its namesake is sweet, wild and ever calling to us. To stay. To linger.

Shannon Ullmann